One stop shop- 4th of July for kids

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Hurray!  Target for the win once more!  We will have a few crazy days around the 4th- so many festivities!  The need to dress for the holiday is essential, but I like to have things that the kids can wear more than once.  That they won’t look at it and say, “no, that was only for the 4th.”  My oldest is under 10 and yes this happening in my house.  So the peacemaker that I am…I am looking ahead to avoid all arguments. lol if only that were possible, but it will be when it comes to these items!

4th of July suit! $16.99 So simple but so cute and the material seems thick and not flimsy so your child will feel well covered in this. One pieces can be tricky for sizing, but I found that this was pretty true to size.

Summer Coverup $14.99  A little model was wearing this yesterday and now I  need it for both my girls and me for the 4th. It was such an easy throw over the head cover up and was basically an oversized tank without looking awkward and oversized (if that makes sense).  Again…I feel like this would not be a fight to have my kids wear.

Gingham Bikini $14.99   This is so sweet and with some white framed sunglasses and braids or pigtails this would look so retro cute!  Great for all summer long!

Clout Goggles, FASTSTHY Bold Retro Oval Mod Thick Frame white Sunglasses

White Retro Sunglasses $7.99 All you need now is a red, white and blue rocket popsicle and your little one will be July 4th ready!

Straw Purse $12.99  Seriously, how cute is this!?  She can use this all summer to tuck her goggles, sunglasses, some ice cream truck money and chapstick in.  So great to have her be a bit responsible for her own things without having to lug around a huge bag you know you are carrying in the end anyways.

Mad Love (Birks look alike) $16.99  When anything I love comes in kids sizes you better believe that I will getting it for them too. My younger daughter has these in the sparkly pink and my older in the black.  However, these white ones will be perfect for the 4th and for all outfits there after.  The straps are adjustable and the footbed is so comfortable.

And there you have it!  When you stop by Target online make sure to check out the hats too!  SO many fun choices for your kiddo! 🙂

Old Navy- 50% off Active Wear!

achievement activity adolescent arms
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Tanks, swim, shorts, dresses and tees- all 50% off as well as most of their active wear!

I’ve been shopping nonstop, but I the activewear is new to this sale…so here’s what’s in my cart!

I love that these pieces are interchangeable and I can mix and match with what I already have.  This floral pattern looks so pretty and with my overnight tan I can get in that vacation mindset…just incase one were to happen and I would want to workout while on vacation.  I will be totally prepared!

White T with Mesh Back– I would totally wear this floral bra with this or wear a neon sports bra for that pop of color.

Relaxed Mesh-Back Side-Tie Tee for Women  ON

Floral Light Support Bra– for the days I want to look like I’m going to the gym, but secretly I just do my errands and drink a protein shake.  Athleisure wear at it’s best with this under a white top.

Light Support Strappy Sports Bra for Women    ON

White Tank– I love a fresh white tank

Ultra-Light Racerback Performance Tank for Women  ON

Floral Running Shorts – because when it is so hot outside and you need exercise you don’t want your clothing stopping you.  No matter how much sweat- these are so easy to whip off.  Much better than drenched leggings.

Semi-Fitted Run Shorts for Women ON

White Lattice Back Sweatshirt– the back of this sweatshirt has the best lattice detail that is not awkward or cumbersome. I own in black, so naturally I will slowly need it in every color.

Lattice-Back Sweatshirt for Women  ON

Compression Shorts- Floral – I would wear these over a bathing suit and a tunic type top to the pool or the beach

Go-Dry Cool Fitted Compression Shorts for Women   ON

Pink Tank– I can’t resist.

Semi-Fitted Racerback Performance Tank for Women  ON

Gray Cinched Open Sweatshirt– I’ve been eyeing this for a while.  Old Navy is a place I refuse to pay for anything full price.  I love this sweatshirt and this is one of those amazing times the stars are aligned and both my size is available and it’s on a crazy sale!

Cinched-Collar Open-Front Wrap for Women  ON

7/8 Floral Active Legging– this pattern just makes me so happy.  I love palm leaves and a pinch of pink? sold.  Plus added bonus is these come in petite.

High-Rise 7/8-Length Mesh-Trim Compression Leggings for Women  ON

ALSO…I just got these in…so I HAVE to share.   I’m obsessed.  I love that these resemble another more expensive brand with only a fraction of the cost!  They have a colored mirror reflection and metal arms.  LOVE!

Sunglasses– right now for $10!

Product photo 0





TARGET SHOES- 40% off! with code SAVE40…here are my top 25 favorites for girls and gals!

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Almost all my favorite shoes come from Target both for me and my girls.  Here are some you should grab during this incredible sale!  (Scroll through the girls to see the adult’s options)

(affiliated links)


$16.99 before sale one daughter has them in this sparkley pink and the other has a black pair

$16.99 before discount. These will go with everything and stay put on your little one’s foot. Gorgeous iridescent tones!

$27.99 (remember you get 40% this weekend!) one of my daughters lived in these when she was younger. So happy they still carry these. Amazing closed toe shoe for the summer for the little ones. These colors? Can they just sit in my closet to make me happy?

$21.99 Gold. Gladiators. Enough said. These will look so great with skirts, dresses and even jean shorts. Having a neutral dressier shoe is so great to have available. There’s always something that comes up that the flip flops just won’t cut.

$14.99 There was a time when I was obsessed with Teva’s. These are the same structure and it works for so many reasons.  I’m not sure this color combo works for my ladies, but maybe more colors will become available! (Could be great for summer camp?)

$19.99 these are such pretty, colorful summer shoes. Almost a solid 5 stars in the reviews from 18 people. It’s a sign.

$16.99 Slip on scrunch sneaker- no tying shoes. yes oh yes.

$24.99 These look so comfortable and like they would breathe well. Maybe even be thrown in the washing machine easy!? (also comes in a pretty blended purple!)



Size down a full size $32.99 (so comfortable!)

Mule Slip On- Leopard Print $24.99

Mad Love Rose Gold $22.99 before discount

$22.99 Mad Love unbeliveably comfortable sandals. I have the tan from last year and totally adding the blue this year!

$17.99 prior discount…these are such a staple for all summer outfits!

$27.99 Black Heels- Super comfortable for the height!

Blush Pumps- Love, love, love these!$29.99 before 40% off!

$22.99 Satin Knotted Sandal…these look sooo much like the ones they are selling at higher end store…and these look cushioned? Sign me up. I want these like yesterday!

$32.99 Orange mules are such a great pop of color!

$32.99 for these tribal chic heels…oh la la

$24.99 of course I would not leave out these amazing pink pair of heels! So comfortable!

$19.99 Sparkley flats…I have been eyeing these forever!

$22.99 A step up from your typical black strappy flats. I feel like these will take some wearing in, but I just love the look!

$22.99 my heart just did a quick pitter patter when I set eyes on these!

$32.99….oh these are a hot ticket item. Only in stores. Crossing fingers!

$32.99 I love the look of these. Sueded casual sneakers are so cool. I love it.

$19.99 Blush Sneakers for the win!


golden cup and basket with books
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I could literally just continuously post all my favorite things I find at Target.  This past year we moved into a new home and have been slowly making it our own.   We have a gorgeous deck that I have been drawn to, but had nothing more than beach chairs to sit on.  Well, no more!  In love with these finds.  IT was not easy to make a decision with all the choices, but we are so happy with the way things are coming together.  Once all my pieces have arrived I will share some photos!

(affiliated links)

Mayhew Table $776.99 plus 15% off until Monday with code HERO

So we bought this in the Seafoam color and it is beautiful.  These chairs are so nice and the bench is perfect for a bunch of little bums to scooch on.  I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about a metal table, but it is the EASIEST thing to clean.  We have had a new coating of pollen every day and it is just wipes off so much easier than glass I swear!  The table we got had a ding in it and customer service was extremely helpful in giving a discount because I really didn’t want to return it.

Monroe Motion Chairs- Pack of 2 for $271

These chairs were a slight pain to put together.  I swear the directions did something in reverse.  However, so well worth it.  They are so comfortable and the seat leans back when you sit in it.  I literally fell asleep in it earlier today.  I did end up with this khaki color because that is all that was available and I ended up getting through the store, but once you see how I’m tying everything in you will love!

Parrot Pillow $14.99

Outdoor Plates- Dinner Size $2.99 each

Sweet matching bowls $2.49 each

Melamine Bowls 24oz Blue/Green Set of 4 - Opalhouse™

Opal House Salad Plates- $1.99 Each

Patio Lights…lighting is everything for evening nights out marked down to $23.99 from $29.99

Deciding between these 2 umbrellas when they arrive-

Turquoise Rectangular Umbrella- $119 (use code HERO for extra 15% off) the reviews weren’t raving on this one…it is also solar powered and has lights on the inside of the umbrella.  This sounds so cool…so I will be my own judge 🙂

White Round Umbrella $57.94 take an additional 15% off with code HERO

9' Round Crank Patio Umbrella - Canvas

$31.99 Umbrella Base take an additional 15% off with code HERO (this also only got 3 stars…I will have to see how it comes in)

I’m up to budget now…so next year I will be on the hunt for a rug to go under my seating area, some tall plants and décor.


TARGET- Dressing Room


Can you hear the Target angels singing “ahhhhh” when these doors open?  Just looking at this photo makes me want to be there again like right now.  There’s totally something about this place.

Within the past week, I bought a patio set, dinner, birthday supplies, toiletries and shoes all in this one shopping haven.  If Target were a person, I feel like I might have an unsafe obsession with him/her.  Just saying.

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This didn’t take long.  About 15 minutes later I had 30 plus things to try on.  The changing room lady said I’d need a coffee after this.  I will accept any excuse for another coffee.  I love coffee.


Hello, this dress has pockets!  Right off the bat we have a super comfortable dress with harmonious details.  I thought the sleeves might be overpowering, but they work.  Loved the clean and crisp look of it all despite it needing to be ironed.  I felt like I was channeling my inner Alice in Wonderland.

A New Day Chambray Dress $27.99 (code DRESS20 for 20% off!)

Here is the romper I have been spying on other blog posts.  They finally restocked this probably because so many people love this romper.  I had to give it a whirl.  The right is a size larger than the left.  Unfortunately, neither really worked on me.  I loved the fabric, pattern and need detailing on the closure in the back which was easy to do and undo.  This didn’t work for me, but is 100% worth trying on!

$24.99 (this weekend get 20% off with code DRESS20)


Love, love, love this skirt!  I would wear it with a white tank.  On the website they have a beautiful plus sized woman wearing it with a white t with thin black stripes.  It looks so amazing on her.  I would wear this for a nice lunch date or for a fun date night outfit.  I picture myself on vacation with a straw bag, big sunnies and large hat while sipping some fruit garnished drink in my hand.  This tank was a size too small, but I would wear this pattern up top with a pair of jeans or white shorts.

$24.99 Palm Skirt (as of right now all sizes still available online!)


This knotted front t is so super fun!  I loved the colors and nautical feeling it gave.  The stripes going diagonal in the front sides had a visual slimming effect.  The back waistline has an elastic which is an interesting touch.

$16.99 Striped Knotted T-Shirt (go down a size)

Wow.  My first time trying on Universal Thread jeans.  Will not be my last.  I loved the midrise, length and distressing on these.

$27.99 Jeans (true to size)

These jeans were better than black leggings.  I know. Who says that?  I just did.  They are so amazing.  I ended up ordering online to get a shorter length, but I will live in these even if it is 90 degrees in my house.

Jeans $27.99 (they look more distressed in person than online)

Any top that gives me a waist and doesn’t accentuate love handles or a belly is a win.  I ADORED this top.  If they had registers in the dressing room I would have just walked out in this outfit.  The ribbons on the sides were adjustable so to each her own.

Right now this top is only available in the store in women’s sizes, but available in plus sizes online Plus Size top $19.99

Oh look at this face.  I am feeling it in these jeans.  THREE that’s right 3 pairs of jeans for the win- all under $30 each.  I can’t even. This never happens!

This top was so unbelievably pretty.  The fact that the design continued onto the back seamlessly was perfection.  I went up a size because it might’ve been tough driving, but that did the trick.  The length of this is perfect.  I can’t wait to see this with white shorts with a brown belt and my brown sandals also from Target!

Top only available in the store right now.  Xhiliration White Sand top. 282102483

(Side note- I did apply sunless tanner to my feet today…didn’t realize how various my application was until looking at this.  I think my pedicure took off all my color.  I can’t complain- I love a good exfoliation.)


Dark Jeans $27.99 (again photo online doesn’t represent well the actual jean)


Back into my first pair of jeans for this outfit.  I feel like I needed to be wearing a higher waisted jean for this top.  I loved it, but there is a little bit of extra “love” peeking out the top of the pants and that does not need to be out and about.  I have plenty of high waisted pants in my closet, so the shirt being shorter would help elongate my legs as long as the belly was under control…so although not a win wearing it with these jeans…it will make sense with items from home.  I love this color!  And French words always make me feel extravagant.

Mossimo top- Marked down to $12! Scoop it up!


LOVE this top.  This has so many details that just work together in beautiful harmony.  I thought it might be dark for the summer, but I felt like it worked.  I have so much for daytime use and not so much for nights out.  I think this top would be fun for dinner out with friends.

This top is also seemingly only available in store.  It is Xhiliration

I was playing with fire with my timing here…the bus would be on it’s way soon to drop off my girls.  I loved the fun stripe of green on this short sleeve top.  It was super comfortable and just loose enough.  The capri leggings were awesome. I know you can’t tell, but my booty looks bootylicious in these!

Colorblock Top- Joy Lab $16.99

Champion Capris $24.99

That rounds up this trip 🙁

However, be sure to be on the look out for my patio purchases as well as my favorite Target products!

Remember free shipping on everything over $35!  Happy shopping!


JCREW(S) – Sales, sales and more sales!

Image result for j crew factory sales

Seriously…my inbox is overflowing with the sales happening right now.  It feels nearly impossible to keep up!

Here are some of my favorites from what’s happening now:

JCREW  40% entire purchase. Holy Moly. I’ll take one of all of these please.  Some undergarments, shoes and maybe some pants…this would be a quick getaway if you threw these in a carryon.  

Bead and embroidery earrings women new arrivals c]

White Dangling Earrings $68 before sale

Ruffle plunge V-neck one-piece swimsuit women new arrivals c

Periwinkle one piece- $108 use code GETAWAY for a huge discount!

Laser-cut eyelet tunic women new arrivals c

Cover Up- Preforation is gorgeous! This color or the white would be perfection! After sale it’s $41.70!

Racerback tank dress women new arrivals c

Racer Tank Dress- a best seller and I wonder why? this color!! $29.70 for something I could literally wear everyday to the pool. Yes please.

Straw market tote women new arrivals c

Straw Bag- $35.70 I was really torn between this and the black striped…but I think this one would be more versatile. Sometimes plain is the way to go because you will be more likely to reach for it and straw is all the rage for summer bags.

Eyelet-back sweatshirt women sweatshirts & sweatpants c

A bit of a splurge but this sweatshirt has this unexpected perforated back and it comes in white as well as a blush pink. So hard to resist. $52.80 is the sale price


Seersucker apron dressSeersucker apron dress

Seersucker Dress- $44.50 the details on this dress are so cute. I’m a sucker for seersucker for sure.

Cropped jacket with tassels

$49 ouch…but I feel like this could be a great investment. Great for night or day time. Great over a casual outfit to make you feel less like a slob (I’m referring to myself) and great over a cute summer dress! Summer jacket for the win!

Strappy cork wedges factorywomen shoes c

$39.50…under $40 for these super versatile shoe. Let me explain. First the woven look is so hot and chic right now. Notice the ankle strap is not going to cut off your leg, it sits lower and more flattering.  The structure over the front of the foot has “v” shapes which will be so easy on the eye over a straight across strap.  The cork wedge should be comfortable to walk in. Height is always a plus in my book. Sign me up.

Suede chunky-heel sandals factorywomen shoes c  

I just want to point out that I own these same exact shoes practically but from Target and they are having 20% off shoes right now.  They are so comfortable!  See my Target post later!

Edie leather loafers factorywomen shoes c

$44. Scoop these up. I literally live in these shoes. I will take ones in black as well. They are leather so you need to work them in a little, but the pointy toe on a flat does wonders for lengthening a leg over a rounded toe.

Morgan calf hair peep-toe flats

$49 for this hot item. Look so chic while keeping your feet cool. These would work great into a fall transition later in the season.

Tie-neck tank topTie-neck tank top

$24.50 Dressy Halter Top- the bow in the back is so feminine. Seriously. You are at a summer party- pull your hair up into a chic bun with this top and you are all set. No effort needed!


thread tassel hoop earrings : factorywomen earrings

$14.50!!!! for an instant pop of color and these are just gorgeous!

women's tie-waist midi skirt - women's skirts

$44.50 Apparently I have a thing for bows. This would look so cute on females of any size. Wear it a little higher on the waist- not hips with a shirt tucked in. Could be essentially any solid tank you own.

Eyelet midi dressEyelet midi dress

$59 Calling all Grecian (sp?) goddesses. This dress is beautiful. You may need to hit up target for some bra cups to slap on, but totally worth it!

Pencil skirt in double-serge cotton factorywomen skirts c

$34.50 to add a pencil skirt into your closet. This is a capsule both navy and black. If you don’t have one you love, this is an amazing opportunity! It’s fun to buy new pieces, but go to, classic pieces are musts.  (Also, this would look amazing with the above halter top!)



Old Navy – Spring/Summer Dressing Room Documentary

Old Navy is my go to spot for those everyday wear pieces. I am very particular with what I bring home because somethings do not always hold up. However, I totally fell in love with some pieces today! I was also told buy the lovely sales clerk, Erin, that I could price adjust when I cash in my Old Navy SuperCash June 2nd!  Otherwise, everything online is 20% off.  There was not a code or an overall discount in store today unless you have an Old Navy card!  Also, right now 30% off all dresses and 50% off all tees, tanks, shorts and swim!

Here I am…the excitement is brewing!

Did a quick run through…I was looking for pieces that would work well with my existing wardrobe.  I did not even look at the swimsuits because the selection was pretty bare and the workout gear will be left for another day!


When I enter a dressing room, I always sort out my pieces.  Tops, Cover Ups, Dresses on the top…I took off all shorts and pants off hangers and put in piles along with some tanks that were to fill in with just something basic.


Pinstripe dress $28

I totally needed to size up in this dress.  This is an XS and I totally needed a small.  There was pulling around my hips and that is never good.  However, I loved that it was lined.  The cute ruffle shoulders were adorbs.  The vertical stripes are always a plus.  They help lengthen and elongate.  Plus, the overall length was great for the 5’3 feet that I am and the tied waist helped keep me keep my figure.

I wanted to love this dress (which I thought was going to be a jumpsuit and realized there were no leg holes lol) …but again vertical stripes- yay!  and it was super comfortable.  But it was not working for my frame.  I think someone taller with a longer torso might really love this!

Pinstripe Dress- Smocked Top $28

Hey now!  Camouflage pants are so cute!  They fit like a glove despite some of the wrinkles in the back of my thigh…but Old Navy leggings are notorious for doing that to me.  The length was glorious.  I LOVED this top as well, but needed to order a size down. I loved the knotted front and the length of the sleeves.  People think I’m crazy for wearing white and creams, but they are my constant go to’s for tops.

Cream Top $10 in store; $11.50 online

Camouflage Rockstars $39.99

I have been eyeing this top since it came out and trying it on was everything I hoped it could be.  It had a cute ruffle detail on the sleeve and tassled tie in the front.  The orange blossoms are not done justice in these photos.

Orange Blossom Top $26.99

Also these jeans!  I felt like a million bucks in them.  What!?  So crazy!  Super comfortable and again…I love an ankle length pant because they fall so neatly at my foot 🙂

MidRise Ankle Jeans $22 online

This blog is not called A Pinch of Pink for nothing!  I was drawn to this top like a magnet.  Granted it looked like it had been rolled into a ball before trying on, but I can look past that.  It was lightweight and an awesome length to tuck in or leave out.  I like to show I have a waist so 99% of the time you will see me with a shirt tuck.  Ahhh pink. I love it.

Pinstripe Pink Classic Shirt $19

OK….time to get real here.  I have to show you how much photos can change perspective.  Loved these shorts despite their 3″ inseam.  The color and distressing are so amazing.  If I don’t take a flattering picture and in the 3rd photo look dead on…let’s just say, I’ve seen better, but this is my body and I love it’s bumps, divots and all.

The white top was a little sheer and loosey-goosey for this look.  I would totally, 100% wear it over a bathing suit for a beach day or at the pool.

White Tunic- original price tags= $19.99 in store/$26.99 online no joke

Back to the shorts…I got them.  I feel like barefoot on the beach in these shorts will be nice.  They had great flexibility and weren’t overally tight on the thighs.

Distressed Shorts 3″ $15 online

Remaining real here…slanted pockets are the enemy to my hips.  Let share with you that these are seersucker!! the ultimate summer material.  In pink pinstripes to boot!  I could’ve gone up a size, but then I would’ve had an oversized crotch area and that is no good.  Someone with smaller hips could live in these all summer.

Seersucker shorts $12.50


This is why I tuck!  If I cover my hips I square myself off.  I LOVED these shorts.  The material was thick enough to hold it’s shape, but also lightweight.

Orange Blossom shorts 3″ $12.50

This zip up hoodie is something I buy every summer…usually at the end when and if they make it on clearance because there always seems to be an overabundance.  It is so lightweight.  Perfect for wearing on the go to the supermarket where the AC will be pumping!  I also have to admit that I cannot sleep without a hoodie- that is wearing a hoodie on my head to sleep.  That gets tricky if the house is warm in the summer and this hoodie is my go to. Hurray to Old Navy!

Lightweight hoodie- $15 (I will take one in every color please!)


This concludes my trip.  Back in the outfit I came in and off to Costco’s to buy toilet paper

Sunglasses (substitute) $10

Gap Dress- (substitute) $30

Bag- I’m obsessed with these. I also have the black $48 navy/ $26 Black

Target Mad Love Sandals- $22


Things I’m adding to my online cart:

Boatneck tshirt dress $28

Off Shoulder Dress in White or Palm Leaves $25.90

I’m Going on Vacation Dress $31.50 (seriuosly, look how happy she is)

Pinstripe Jumpsuit (what I thought I was trying on when I realized it was dress) $28

My tall friends, this one is for you.  I would size down and wear this a shirt tucked in because I love it so much.  Someone twirl me. Summer Skirt $26.99

…also stay tuned…I have an order coming in the next week I will share with you!  Can’t wait!!!!



Express- Memorial Day Sale (when the clock strikes midnight )

Oh the emails are pouring in for all the sales…but what to buy??  It’s so hard to decide- do I buy?  what do I buy? and do I dare look because I will want to buy it all?

I scoured and I have some of my favorites already on sale here!


First off I have to praise Express for having 3 different sized models wearing a small, medium and large so you can see how things fit on each.  It is ingenious!  UP to 50% off everything starting at midnight!  Plus most jewelry pieces are buy 2 for $30!!

Sequin Dress (original price $98)

sequin dress

This dress I see being great for a summer soiree, but I would also totally wear this New Year’s Eve if I had a special event to go to.  So fun and swanky.

Red Ruffle Dress (original price $88)

red dress

Hot tamales!  This dress screams femininity with all the right details in all the right places.  Ruffles can be cumbersome and overpowering…these are just the perfect amount.  The v neck is sexy but not too low, wrap skirt and tie waist are all on pointe.  I love the way this model’s hair is styled too. The movement in this dress would be comfortable and airy. Sign me up!

Ruffle High Low Dress (original price $69.90 now $41.94)


Reviewers are loving this dress for being lightweight and comfortable, but it’s still new so all sizes are still available right now!  Comes in a beautiful deep emerald green color as well as black.  Perfect for a casual or dressy date night.

Spring Trench  (original $128 Now $89)


I have been eyeing this trench for what seems like forever.  I love that it has some structure like your typical trench but it is drapey and easy to throw over a white t and black leggings with any shoe and be golden.  The pink and light blue are so perfect for the spring and any cooler summer days.

Sunglasses (Original $29.95) ….almost sold out!  yikes..but this color is just begging me!


Shoes ($79.90)


I will always have a soft spot for seafoam.  It is so gorgeous.  These shoes also come in a beautiful peach and a yellow!  Express nailed it with these.  Would love to see a pop of color with some white jeggings or jeans or anything.  If these heels look scary…drum roll…they also come in kitten heel height.  Get em girls!

Floral dress (Original $79.90)

floral ruffle wrap maxi dress

I am not afraid of florals, nor am I afraid of this belt which is unclear in their website if the dress comes with it or if you need to find it separately which I was unable to find.  I love unexpected twists!

Filigree Earrings ($14.90) these come in silver and rose gold as well.  I love the gold.  They look lightweight and just easy to wear with a plain top or tank.

floral filigree drop earrings

Hi Lo Necklace ($24.90) I love this in gold and would pair this with some studs.  Another great way to dress a simple top.

metal hi-lo necklace

Bracelet (14.90) I am such a sucker for this color.  I am not much of a bracelet gal, but I would totally wear this and the color would bring me pure joy.

turquoise beaded pull-cord bracelet

Earrings- Fanned ($24.90)  I just love these.  These would add a subtle touch of style.  They are a not in your face statement jewelry and I love that because these scream summer and I would totally wear these summer after summer.

beaded mini fringe statement earrings

Statment Earrings ($26.90) these colors are spot on for the summer months.  I love the styling of a solid off shoulder top (I would do black or white).  These would look so amazing if you had a short hair cut or bob. Longer haired ladies, any down do would do straight or wavy!

tassel teardrop earrings