Express Sale- One Day!

Oh yes,  I love me a good sale.  I am holding out on what I bought from the Nordstrom’s sale…I’m expecting multiple shipments this week because I didn’t just go a little overboard, I went all the way and my new Nordie’s credit card is going to break the bank.  Ouch.  I am praying I only like one or two items (crossing fingers).

Anyways, Express started a new sale at midnight tonight and it is glorious.  We are talking 40% off EVERYTHING!  free shipping and 2x bonus points.  Let me get out my pom poms and do a big cheer for Express.

Here’s what I am eyeing….


1. Black Cross Over Thong Bodysuit 2.Hexagon Sunglasses 3. Snakeprint Loafers                 4. Maxi dress with cutouts 5. Striped Stretch Belt 6. Turnlock Bracelet in Multi 7. Drop Earrings 8.Midrise Light Wash Stretch Jean


I own this jacket in a soft white and would ABSOLUTELY buy it in another color…maybe black or for fun the lilac color.  I would go up one size if you wanted to wear anything long sleeve underneath.  There are stretch panels on the sides which allow some wiggle room there 🙂  Literally, this jacket has a 5 star rating…and for good reason.  For $76.80 it’s a win!

Product image  Product image Product image


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