LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Bucket Lists for the Summer

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Oh boy…so here it is the final hours of school.  We have a 1/2 day today and then the kids are all mine- all day, every day- until my husband comes home and I peace out (some days you just have to).  After we adjust to the transition of being in each other’s hair all day- literally, we get to a nice place where we find a groove of having a lazy, fun and sometimes bouts of crazy, busy summer.


  1. We got tickets to a nearby waterpark that should be a blast!
  2. Totally going to the movies this summer!  We will not have AC in our home, but the movie theater should be freezing.  Can’t wait.
  3. Drive in movie theater- we go every year and last year we missed it.
  4. Walking/Riding bikes to center of town to visit library and get ice cream or slushies – we moved closer to town and have yet to do this!
  5. Basketball game with the local cops.  We won this and it’s time to use it!
  6. Try a new ice cream flavor.
  7. Try a new vegetable to even things out.
  8. Make a bucket list bowl…everyone puts things in and we pull out a card every day (or every other…or once a week)


So I have a number of projects that have been on the horizon that I plan on working on this summer.

  1. My garage.  Ohhhh the garage is a dumping ground.  That needs serious help.
  2. My closet.  Have you seen the videos on my insta story?  So bad.  It’s embarrassing and a cluttered closet, I swear clutters my head.  This needs to be done ASAP.
  3. Painting the cabinets in my kitchen.  Am I crazy for thinking I can do this?  I want it done so bad and having professionals come in just isn’t an option.  Maybe this will stay on the back burner for a while.
  4. Kate wants to turn her room into a Harry Potter room.  It’s blue, white and pastel right now.  Going to have to get strategic on this one.
  5. We have a “homework”/”craft room” that just isn’t super comfortable or organized and I feel like the lighting in there is so pretty.  This room needs attention.
  6. The kids want a fort outside.  This seems like a health hazard if I were to tackle this…shift this over to Mark’s list.
  7. Painting the trim around our front windows.  They are currently the same color of the house and I need to take matters into my own hands.
  8. I’m exhausted already.  Maybe this should be my list for the next 7 summers.

What’s on your list?


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