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There is no avoiding it and not that you would want to with temps getting up to 95 degrees tomorrow in MA, but swimsuit season is HERE.  Oh boy…so what to wear?  I just placed a massive order and here’s what’s on it’s way!  As well as some I might have to try on as well…just to make sure I don’t miss something I might fall in love with.  You never know!  Click on photos for the links!  (which are affiliated at Target)


$39.99 I love the retro feeling to the floral pattern on this swimsuit as well as the way it gives this girl cleavage.  There’s always hope.


$24.99  I bought this swimsuit in a pretty floral pattern and love it, but it now sold out. So I have been searching for a white suit and thought maybe I would love this one too?  It doesn’t get good reviews, but the reviewers were contradictory…so I will be my own judge.


$29.99 I kind of wonder if I could pull off a Baywatch run down the beach in this suit, or if it would emphasize the extra I have on my sides out those peep holes.  It could go unsexy very quickly.  Fingers crossed…I’m staying optimistic on this one!


$29.99 If you hadn’t noticed, I have this whole jungle theme I’ve been leaning towards this season and what a perfect coincidence there is a bathing suit in palm leaves.  I am swooning over this suit!


$39.99 I tried this swimsuit back in the winter and I was between sizes…now that I’ve added a few extra pounds I am sure the size up will be perfection now.  I love the ruffles and the scooping back.  Super feminine without being too revealing.  I did notice it was lined last time.



$39.99  Ohhh…I just saw this. I have this swimsuit from last year and lived in it.  It felt so couture.  It does come with straps to make it a halter (I believe).


$29.99  There are so many beautiful bathing suits that hit that $100 mark that are striped and beautiful.  Vertical stripes have always been known for their deceptive way of elongating your body wherever you put these magical stripes.  So I saw how happy this model was wearing it and instantly put it in my cart.

Happy shopping!!!!




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